Japanese Developers Are Barely Jumping on the Nintendo Switch Hype

Millions of Sales Later, Devs Show Faith in Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s recent financial success has made waves, it seems. While many third-party developers have promised support for the Nintendo Switch, many of Japan’s big names have only recently committed. Therefore, we won’t see some big names on the console until a couple of years from now.

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The report comes from GameInformer via The Wall Street Journal. Hirozaku Hamamura, chief executive of Japanese game-magazine publisher Gzbrain, told WSJ that many third-party games are coming to the Switch late because developers were skeptical about it for a while. After being burned by the Wii U, however, it’s easy to understand why.

Many third-party developers have only just started developing games for the hybrid console. Apparently, the last 7 months of success convinced major parties like Capcom to invest. Since many major developers only recently promised Nintendo Switch support, we can’t expect many heavy-hitters to arrive until 2019, says Hamamura. In the meantime, we’re seeing ports like Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2, Ultra Street Fighter II, and Monster Hunter. Perhaps Monster Hunter Worlds will arrive one day?

Contrarily, Koei Tecmo betted on the Switch early, a bet vindicated by the sales. And they had no problem reminding everyone of the fact at last week’s press conference:

“We bet big on the Switch as a game changer so we began making games before the Switch’s launch, but many software companies showed reluctance in releasing Switch games before they witnessed the current success,” said Yoichi Erikawa, chief executive at Koei Tecmo.

The Switch won’t run out of games in the future, however far away they may be. But keep checking back for Nintendo updates, especially for first-party titles; we’ll have more of the latest. Super Mario Odyssey recently became the fastest-selling Super Mario game ever. Therefore, it doesn’t look like the console will lose popularity anytime soon.