Insomniac Reveals Mary Jane Is Playable in the New Spider-Man Game

May We See Other Characters Become Playable As Well?

There’s a moment in the latest Spider-Man trailer that debuted at Paris Games Week that looks like players will get the chance to take control of Mary Jane Watson, Peter’s longtime girlfriend.

Since then, Insomniac’s creative director, Bryan Intihar, addressed the idea during a conversation with IGN: “I can confirm, yes you actually play, at various stages of the game, Mary-Jane.”

From the sounds of it, playing as Mary Jane will be a completely different experience when compared to the web-slinger. Players can expect more stealthy and detective-like gameplay as Mary Jane. Intihar also mentions that Insomniac’s depiction of the character will be slightly different than the movie versions.

“It’s a very different experience to playing as Spider-Man,” he explained, “and it stays true to her character, in terms of her background that she’s a reporter for the Daily Bugle. It captures that feeling. Also, the other thing for us is that, even though we are creating a superhero world in the fantasy, we thought it’d be interesting to show what it’s like to be a character who doesn’t have superpowers, what it’s like to be that person in a superhero world, and actually control that character.”

“I really like her role in the game, and to put her in a role that maybe we haven’t seen as much. It’s less of a damsel in distress, she’s much more of a capable contributor, a risk-taker in this game.”

IGN also asked Intihar if Miles Morales, who makes an appearance in the trailers as well, will also be playable. Intihar could only say “no comment,” which certainly doesn’t necessarily quell the discussion.

Spider-Man is due to be released in 2018 exclusively on PS4.

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