Super Mario Odyssey Shows Off New Cappy Coop Gameplay

Let’s Do the Odyssey, Together

Nintendo’s next big Switch game, Super Mario Odyssey, has plenty of hype behind its impending release this month. While the game is probably best played as a single-player adventure, the platformer does have a coop mode where player two controls Cappy. Today, Nintendo released a video focusing on Cappy’s abilities in the coop mode.

super mario odyssey

In the Nintendo Minute series on Super Mario Odyssey, we see Mario run through the Piranha plant-infested, Wooded Kingdom. Here, Cappy’s coop abilities get detailed as we see that Cappy may not have life bars, but can be temporarily stopped by enemies as we see Cappy stuck in the mouths of Piranha plants. Mario was able to free his hat buddy with a quick kick or jump on the dangerous vegetation. Like in previous trailers, Cappy is shown to move independently and can travel as far as Mario can see. Moving around, Cappy can serve as a platform, jump, and even, butt-stomp too. In the video, we see Cappy clear off the poison goo discharged by Piranha plants as well. Another important thing to note about Cappy in coop mode is that Mario is usually unable to toss Cappy after capturing an enemy without exiting the vessel. However, in coop mode, Cappy retains his independence and whizz around the area while Mario still embodies whatever poor fool he finds.

Super Mario Odyssey jumps onto shelves worldwide for Nintendo Switch on October 27th.