Peter “Combo Fiend” Rosas, Producer on Capcom Fighting Games, Has Left the Company

“Combo Fiend” Will Continue to Play Street Fighter V Competitively

Peter “Combo Fiend” Rosas — a producer on Street Fighter V and Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite, as well as being a competitive fighting game fan — has decided to leave Capcom.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite TOP (1280x720)

Rosas announced his departure from Capcom in a blog post, while also providing his reasons for leaving:

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work on the games that shaped my life, a definite dream come true, but now I feel it’s time for the next generation to be able to do the same. There’s no doubt in my mind that the current generation has their own unique ideas that will push Capcom’s fighting games forward in terms of innovation and evolution. I definitely look forward to seeing those ideas come to fruition in the future.”

Before his role as producer, Rosas was previously the company’s community manager; he rose to the ranks of producer in a surprisingly short amount of time. Rosas is also known in the competitive Street Fighter community as “Combo Fiend.” Rosas, a long-time fan of fighting games himself, said that he can now “join you all once again as a member of the community and as a Capcom fan.”

Our review of Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite is available for reading. We said “The core of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite shines like the Infinity Stones it features, and there are Infinite possibilities of where the game can go from here. It’s Mahvel baby, and it’s back in a big way.”

You can read the rest of his Rosas’ goodbye post by clicking here. You can also leave a comment down below.