Mobius Final Fantasy to Tell Tidus’ Story Between FFX and FFX-2

A Major Mobius Final Fantasy Event Will Explain the Events for Tidus Between the Two Games

Soon, we’ll be able to know what happened to Tidus between Final Fantasy X  and Final Fantasy X-2. The source of this info will be in a special collaboration event for Mobius Final Fantasy and the Final Fantasy X games, Square Enix announced. In fact, we’ve already got a snippet of this in a trailer below. The event will start this week in Japan for Mobius Final Fantasy players.

Mobius Final Fantasy X

When Final Fantasy XIV recently brought on some Ramza and Delita in a new dungeon’s storyline, it was done reasonably well. However, this Mobius Final Fantasy x Final Fantasy X crossover is stranger to me as it’s being billed as canon explanation. The trailer shows Tidus waking up on a beach by a skeleton and being saved from a monster’s attack. Thus, the Blitzball ace appears to be in some sort of afterlife; it’s a setup that doesn’t look too promising and feels fan fiction-ish. That said, both games share some important staff members including Yoshinori Kitase.

Mobius Final Fantasy is available on iPhone and Android, and this upcoming event will likely reach the West soon enough.

Source: Siliconera