Hilarious WWE 2K18 Career Mode Glitch Leads to the Ultimate Mirror Match


2K Games’ WWE 2K18 has been out for less than a week, but people are already finding some fantastic glitches leading to some wrestling chaos that would make Vince Russo’s head spin. In the game’s career mode, you can win a Money In the Bank match which earns your character a shot at the WWE title. In this game, one player has discovered what happens when you already hold the belt and cash in the title match on yourself.

wwe 2k18

YouTuber, Hasney, learned that doing the above will put in a match against yourself. What’s even more bizarre is that it appears you’re given control over both incarnations of your characters in the match. It’s the sort of booking that the classic WWF mirror match between Undertaker vs Undertaker could only dream of. While I do hope that 2K Games will patch out these glitches, I still think it makes for a fun playing experience in some ways. Hasney has put a video on this hilarious WWE 2K18 glitch below:

WWE 2K18 has been out since October 13th for most major platforms. Click the NeoGAF link below for a list of more hilarious glitches found in the game.

Source: NeoGAF