Kill Zombies as Hot Ryu in Dead Rising 4’s Upcoming Capcom Heroes Mode

Hadouken Zombies to Oblivion

Dead Rising 4 is looking to get players pumped this holiday season with some throwbacks to iconic Capcom franchises. Not just cosmetic costumes, but each new look for Frank West comes with their own move set. While we’ve seen trailers of the Capcom cameos before, but today we got to a see more detailed breakdown of the Street Fighter cast’s moves in the zombie-killing game.

Dead Rising 4

The characters shown were Hot Ryu, Mecha Zangief, M. Bison, Cammy and Akuma. Yup, they specifically call out the fact that it is the hot dad version of the Shotokan fighter. I’m surprised there’s no Chun Li as she’s usually included in these sort of cameo thingies. That said, it’s pretty cool to see M. Bison use his Psycho Driver against the undead. I think the trailer peaks when Mecha Zangief does a spinning piledriver on the undead.

Street Fighter Dead Rising 3

Check out the latest Dead Rising 4 trailer below:

Besides the Street Fighter cast above, we know that Frank can also cosplay as:

  • X from Mega Man X
  • Sissel from Ghost Trick
  • Adam “The Clown”
  • MacIntyre from Dead Rising
  • Dante from Devil May Cry
  • “Classic” Frank West from Dead Rising

PS4 owners will get Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package on December 5th. The “Capcom Heroes” will be included in that port, and will be available as a free update for the Xbox One and PC versions.
Source: Gematsu