Call of Duty WWII Gets Live-Action Trailer – It’s Not What You Think

Rally Your Old Call of Duty Friends

The thing about trailers is that they usually try to showcase something about the product. Though that’s not quite the case with this latest Call of Duty WWII trailer, it is clever. Albeit, probably not what you would expect.

Call of Duty WWII Top

When you have an epic franchise about war, you’d think a live-action advertisement would be downright nitty-gritty and immersive. Well, it is immersive. Activision is actively targeting its old-school playerbase with a sequence showcase buddies getting together. With the franchise’s return to its World War II roots, the publisher knows the game may especially appeal to gamers who participated in the franchise over a decade ago.

In other words, Activision thinks Call of Duty WWII fans are old. Just kidding. Below, you’ll find the live-action trailer in question.

Obviously, the initial appeal for a title like Call of Duty WWII stemmed from sci-fi fatigue. Players were tired of exo-suits, jump packs, and all the futuristic themes surrounding a franchise grounded in history. 2017 is the year we get that. Therefore, get your friends together and get ready to embark on another adventure in the Second World War.

Call of Duty WWII releases on November 3rd, 2017 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. If you get the Season Pass, you get the “Carentan” multiplayer map at launch. Talk about classic locations. Stay tuned for more news and reviews.

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