Here’s What Jurassic World Evolution Looks Like In-Game

Experience The Thrills of Dinosaur Park Ownership At Last

Who didn’t see their first Jurassic film and immediately start dreaming of running their own dinosaur park? Aside from myself, whose humble dreams merely involved a dinosaur I could ride to school on. His name would have been Stomp Carlson. Anyways. Frontier Developments has finally released in-game footage of Jurassic World Evolution.

Jurassic World Evolution

The aforementioned footage includes a lot of shots of the Tyrannosaur, pop culture’s favourite prehistoric predator by a landslide. He doesn’t do a whole lot, beyond looking really cool in a variety of well-rendered environments. There’s not much in the way of park-building being shown off yet, but there’s lots of time to demonstrate this aspect of the game before its release in the summer of 2018.

Potential activities include the ability to “bioengineer new dinosaur breeds and construct attractions, containment and research facilities.” While building the park sounds pretty cool, wasn’t the entire collapse of the park in the film due to their scientists making new kinds of dinosaurs? This raises the critical question of whether park disasters will be a part of the simulation process. You can’t have the Jurassic World/Park experience without some dinosaurs running amok, after all. Also, the in-game footage is embedded below. Shovel it into your brains like hot coals in an old-timey train engine.