New Destiny 2 “Seasons” Coming with More Weapons, Items, Emotes, & More

Additional Content to Come at No Extra Cost

Bungie was present at TwitchCon to remind fans that content for Destiny 2 will not remain stagnant. On the contrary, the team is dedicated to changing things up every season. There will be four in total (go figure), and they will add new unlockables that affect every aspect of gameplay.

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Season 1 will last for a while since it will give PC players time to catch up. Smart. And by the end of it, we’ll see another iteration of the Iron Banner. More details will arrive as we near release. The length of this season will also give new clans the chance to catch up to others. Then, when the season ends, everyone will start from the bottom. The point here is to give every clan an equal shot of gaining new members. Few people would be willing to join the lower level clans, otherwise.

More important, Destiny 2 will receive regular content updates free of the Season Pass. First of all, we’re getting The Dawning, a holiday event that delivers hockey and snowballs. Moreover, we get additional emotes and weapons.

Additional objectives added during each season will also offer players the chance to gain new ornaments. Better to keep in mind, the specific ornaments that arrive will only be available during that season. Just as well, there will also be new Iron Banner weapons.

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As for new emotes, these will also change with every season. Season 2 gets the mic drop. We have dances, so, naturally, we need mic drops. Bungie has been dropping the ball here, but not anymore.

There is still more to talk about. with seasons affecting players in various ways. Events known as Clarion Calls will offer rewards such as temporary XP boosts. Then there are clan banners – Each banner comes with a different set of perks relating to enemies and/or events during that specific season. If you max out your level by the end of a season, you obtain a pole. These change with every season, and collecting them offers a gallery of mementos for your participation.

A few days from now, on October 24th, PC players will have access to Destiny 2. The game is currently discounted $10.00 on Amazon. Look forward to changes and check back for more updates as more news comes our way.

Happy gaming.