Give the Gift of Xbox One Game Gifting This Holiday Season

Game Gifting: Give Friends Games to Spank Their Little Bottoms

Look, I’ll tell you a secret: when the Xbox One first came out, I logged into my brother’s Xbox One with my account, and ever since then he’s been able to play every single game I’ve bought free of charge. My account is nowhere on his Xbox, I’ve erased all account settings, but we both can play every game I own. Now, if you do not have a blood bond with your fellow gamer, you can still spread a little holiday cheer with all your Xbox friends by doing “game gifting,” a new feature coming to the Xbox Store.

Within the Xbox One subreddit, one user spotted the new in-store option when browsing through games. Next to the typical “Buy” button within the Xbox One’s store, a new option is there that gives players the option to send the game to a friend.

game gifting

However, the gifting feature doesn’t discern if the recipient has an Xbox Live Gold membership, or if they’re a member of a group that gets discounted rates. Games that are gifted are at the full retail price. If games were heavily discounted through certain deals and could be gifted at those lower prices, Xbox One owners would likely begin sharing accounts with Gold or other perks to gift themselves and others games at discounted rates, or try to exploit shared accounts like my brother and I did successfully and no one tell Microsoft or I’ll kill you.

One thing’s for sure, Microsoft better hurry up with the feature before the holiday rush so they can make some serious bank.