EA Delivers Info on Star Wars Battlefront II’s Battlepoint System

If You Want to Wield a Lightsaber, You Have to Get Good and Be a Team Player

Since the announcement of Star Wars Battlefront II, developers have stated that the sequel will contain significantly more content than the first game. Furthermore, there will be many aspects changed and improved upon. One of the bigger changes is the implementation of a new Battlepoint system. First shown during E3 2017, here’s how EA outlines the new and improved feature.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Battle Points are an all-new feature in Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II that bring an extra dimension of risks and rewards to the game. Whenever you contribute to your team’s progress in modes like Galactic Assault, you earn Battle Points. Take down a foe? Save an ally? Most actions will net you points that can be cashed in to summon reinforcements, changing the flow of battle. Become the Death Trooper and clear a path through enemies, or leap over your foes as the B2 Rocket Droid.

In many ways, Battlepoints will function not unlike Call of Duty’s killstreak bonuses. The more you get, the greater potential for bonuses. Except in this scenario, players aren’t simply relying on kills. Plus, judging by the summary, Battlepoints can be saved to reaper greater upgrades. These range from elite units, to vehicles, to hero characters. No more searching around the map for tokens; upgrades will be based on merit.

As First Order troopers plod toward you across the frozen wastes of Starkiller Base, you’ll sprint from cover to cover, your weapon blazing fire as you evade blaster bolts. Your shots are absorbed by the shield of an opposing heavy trooper. Desperately, you toss a Thermal Detonator just as you’re defeated. You both fall, and the stormtroopers advance. But you’re ready to launch a counter-attack. 

As the horde closes in, you expend your reserved Battle Points before respawning, and suddenly you’re behind the controls of a T-70 X-wing starfighter. Or a Jumptrooper. Or wielding powers as Rey. The battle has just begun.

According to EA, every player will start the match with access to the same four trooper classes. Thus, as the battle progresses, you’ll start seeing stronger units, vehicles, and lightsabers. We expect more info on game changes as we near release.

Star Wars Battlefront II arrives November 17 for Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Tell us, Star Wars Battlefront players, do you think the new Battlepoint system is a major improvement from the first game? Let us know where you stand on the in the comments down below.