Raise Mental Health Awareness with The Town of Light

25% of The Town of Light’s Digital Sales Going Towards Mental Health Awareness Starting Today

The Town of Light is a game where mental illness and mental health play an important role. To that end, Wired Productions and LKA.it are running a promotion of sorts. Starting today, 25% of profits from any digital sales of The Town of Light will go towards a new fund dedicated to raising mental health awareness.

The-Town-of Light-Review-Screen-5 mental health awareness

The fund will help support Take This, Inc., an organization whose ‘AFK Rooms’ at major gaming events offer attendees staffed mental wellness spaces. The organization also provides a variety of other mental health education and referral sources. In addition to the 25% donation, The Town of Light will also be 20% off during this promotion. Both the donation and the discount will run from August 16th to September 6th, 2017.

This promotion marks the start of a year-long campaign centered around mental health awareness. For Luca Dalcò, the Studio Head at LKA.it, this game has always been about compassion. Making The Town of Light provided Dalcò and his team with a chance to illuminate the “struggles surrounding mental health.” This campaign affords them a further opportunity to help those people currently in the grips of mental illness. The Town of Light is available now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

SOURCE: Press Release