Destiny 2 on PC Confirmed to Be a Affair

Bungie’s Community Manager Confirms There Will Be No Destiny 2 on┬áSteam

There was a short period earlier this week where it looked like Destiny 2 might end up on Steam at some point. The game’s microtransaction currency was very briefly available for purchase on the platform. However, it appears this was merely a glitch and Bungie’s upcoming game is going to be a on PC.

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The confirmation came after David Dague, Bungie’s community manager, took to Twitter to clear things up. He clarified that the appearance of “Silver” for purchase on Steam was a mistake and that any purchases “will be refunded manually by Valve.” A follow-up tweet added that there are no plans “to release Destiny 2 on PC” anywhere besides Blizzard’s client.

The decision makes sense, as Activision would want distribution to occur on a platform they have a stake in. It’s entirely possible that the first Destiny may end up on Steam, though there’s no evidence to suggest this happening. PC players will be able to play Destiny 2 on October 24th, 2017. While this is almost two months after PS4 and Xbox One users, there will at least be an open beta on PC at the end of the month.