Overwatch to Finally Introduce Deathmatch Game Mode

Just over a Year Later, Overwatch Players Can Just Play to Kill

Multiplayer shooters have, more often than not, been characterized by the Deathmatch game mode. Well, it looks like Overwatch will soon be no exception. In the latest developer update, director Jeff Kaplan announced that the game’s Arcade mode will feature a specialized deathmatch.

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The new core of Arcade will be the new free-for-all Deathmatch that lets players compete against seven other opponents. It’s very simple: the first one to twenty kills wins. And out of the eight, only the top four will qualify for progress toward loot boxes. So you’ll want to brush up on your accuracy. Of course, the top player will get the most rewards.

In order to facilitate Deathmatch, Blizzard has modified several Hybrid, Escort, and Assault maps. But there’s also a new map that specifically caters to free-for-all Deathmatch. This map’s backstory is directly related to Widowmaker because it’s her home. More is to be revealed in-game.

What some people may be most excited about, however, is the inclusion of Team Deathmatch, which is a 6v6 competition to reach 30 kills. Interestingly, Jeff Kaplan pointed out that Mercy’s revive ability will undo the kills for the opposing team. But the mode will offer a different character pool to pull from. No specification on which heroes will be included, but after playtests, Kaplan stated that some things worked and some things didn’t.

Overwatch is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One and is currently witnessing its Summer Games event.

Look forward to updates as we near the official debut of Overwatch’s Deathmatch mode. You can say it’s been a long time coming, but are you looking forward to it? Let us know where you stand in the comments below.