Presenting the New Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition, Everything That Makes the Game Great

Skins, Titans, Classes, and All DLC Past, Present, & Future

Respawn Entertainment and EA today revealed the new Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition. This digital-only copy presents the definitive experience for new players to enjoy. Along with content from the Digital Deluxe version, it offers new in-game perks.

Nearly a year after launch, the Titanfall 2 community has remained very active. This has been due, in no small part, to the promises kept by Respawn to deliver free DLC. July marks the developer’s seventh content drop. As a result, players have benefitted from new maps, weapons, executions, and more at no additional cost.

“Since the launch of Titanfall 2, we’ve enjoyed an incredible reception from critics and fans alike and released lots of great content that have not only improved the game but also kept a thriving, dedicated community playing,” the team wrote in a news post. “In fact, over the last couple months we’ve seen our player counts grow, a great thing to see nearly a year after launch.”

TItanfall 2

With the Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition, players can enjoy some additional benefits, including the following:

  • Scorch and Ion Prime Titan skins
  • Deluxe Edition Warpaint skin for 6 Titans
  • Deluxe Edition Camo that can be applied to all Titans, Pilots, and Weapons.
  • Deluxe Edition Nose Art for 6 Titans
  • Deluxe Edition Callsign
  • All Titans unlocked
  • All Pilot tacticals unlocked
  • 10 Double XP tokens
  • 500 credits to start that you can spend to unlock gear and cosmetics
  • As an extra bonus, Ultimate Edition buyers will also get the Underground R-201 ELITE Warpaint

And if you enjoy free DLC, you can experience the truck load of content released thus far, with more incoming. Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition costs $39.99 and is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin. Expect news of more content drops as time goes by. Until then,

Happy gaming.