New Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Gameplay Sets up an Epic Adventure

New Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Gameplay – Prowler Mode and Valhalk Battle

On top of a recent onslaught of promotional multimedia released by Capcom, they have decided to throw an epic gameplay trailer on top, just to add some spice to an already sizzling hot pot of content. The recently unleashed a fresh batch of gameplay videos showcases some epic new Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch gameplay. The Nintendo Switch remastered version of Monster Hunter XX that was displayed in the video shows off a brutal battle against a terrible Valphalk in Prowler Mode.

New Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch

The first part of the video shows off the game’s Prowler Mode, which allows the player to embody one of the ultra-adorable Felynes. Although cute, a Felynes isn’t a creature you’d want to fight face-to-face with, because they come fully equipped with fierce claws and fangs. The second part of the video takes the player back to their human form where they engage in battle against a formidable foe and the cover monster of the game, the flaming Elder Dragon Valphalk.

If you want to get a taste of the awesome gameplay, you can check it out in the videos below!:

A demo for Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch Ver. will be launching in Japan via the Nintendo eShop on August 10th, and the full version will release on August 25th. As of now, there is no possibility of the game making a Western release.