Guerilla Games Says It Is Too Early to Make Announcements About the Future of the Killzone Franchise

So What Exactly Does That Mean for the Killzone Series?

Although Guerrilla Games has a huge new hit on their hands in Horizon: Zero Dawn, many fans of the company have been asking about the future of the Killzone franchise. With four years since the release of Killzone: Shadowfall, fans have been eagerly waiting for a new announcement without much luck. In a recent interview, Guerilla talks about why that is.

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With the huge success, as in a perfect score of 100, of Horizon: Zero Dawn, there is sure to be a sequel, which was discussed back in April. Of course, with the success of Horizon: Zero Dawn and the continued focus on the new franchise, it’s becoming harder to imagine Guerilla Games will have enough time to work on both games! As such, this has caused many fans to question what this means for the future of Killzone and whether or not we’ll see more of these games. In a recent interview with the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, the managing director of Guerilla, Hermen Hulst, stated that he actually gets asked the question on Twitter quite a bit.

Hulst said that while it’s awesome to hear that there are so many chomping at the bit to have some more Killzone content, it is simply too early to discuss the future of the franchise. “It’s really heartwarming to hear that there’s such a strong appetite from the loyal Killzone fan base. It’s a franchise and universe that we still love with a passion at Guerrilla. It hasn’t been easy doing something so completely different. Whether or not we’ve put a permanent period behind the series, it’s too early to make announcements on that. All I can say is that we’ve always loved the Killzone universe and the Killzone series, and we still do. We share that passion for the game with a lot of our fans.”

Unfortunately this isn’t exactly a clear answer, so it remains to be seen what will happen with the franchise. This could be interpreted in two different ways. The first, that another Killzone game could be in our distant future and the company doesn’t want to take the spotlight away from HZD, or that the franchise is dead, but they just don’t want to say so.

How do you interpret what he said? And do you want to see a new Killzone game sometime soon? Let us know in the comments below and keep it locked for updates!