Crytek Dev Diary Showcases ‘Hunt Showdown,’ a Monster-Hunting Western

A First-Person Shooter Powered by CryEngine

Crytek has been hard at work to deliver their new style of monster-hunting. Presenting Hunt Showdown, the co-op game of survival and PvP set in the latter half of the 19th century. Western meets horror as you and another player compete against rival gunmen in a haunting open world.

Hunt Showdown

After debuting at E3 2014, Hunt Showdown was forced into a change of studios. After delivering their demo, Crytek had to rebuild the game from scratch. The result is an immersive first-person shooter offering a new take on the genre.

You stride into the spectral swamps of Louisiana. It’s night time and quiet. Only the full moon guides your path, but the weird noises startle you. Your life depends on your knowing where they came from. Behind the trees? In the water? Or right next to you? That’s when you step on a twig and a monster leaps out at you. That’s the experience of Hunt Showdown. As things unseen try to kill you, another pair of players is trying to take the same reward. And they can just wait for you to kill the monsters before they decide to kill you.

Below, you will find the dev diary depicting Crytek’s development cycle. From start to finish, the creators give an overview of Hunt Showdown’s transitions: origins, changes, and its reception at E3 2017.

For more info on Crytek’s hotly anticipated IP, you can visit The game is currently in development for Windows PC. Expect more news soon, especially when we reach Gamescom. Maybe by that time, we’ll also have a release date. Until then,

Happy gaming.

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