After Big Reveal, THQ Nordic’s BioMutant Gets Stunning Gameplay Video

Mover Over, Rocket Racoon; BioMutant is Here

Yesterday, at Gamescom, THQ Nordic revealed one of its big IPs kept hidden under the silk rug. The game, known as BioMutant, is an open-world title developed by Experiment 101. Players embark on a Kung-fu adventure the likes of which they’ve never seen before. With guns, swords, and psychic abilities thrown into the mix, there’s almost too much variety. But it looks fun as hell.

biomutant top 2

New gameplay footage offers a first look into the game’s aesthetic. Though it’s post-apocalyptic, the world offers a stunning wilderness with plenty of ways to explore. Apparently, the sky’s the limit.

Additionally, the trailer revealed pilotable craft and mechs in BioMutant. As if the game didn’t offer enough ways to take on anthropomorphic enemies, you can take control of big guns and blow them to smithereens. Catch it all in THQ Nordic’s Gamescom video below.

As you can tell by the by the trailer, the main character’s appearance is constantly changing. Changes to abilities are reflected in the mutant’s appearance. And there are oh so many ways to customize.

If you have yet to see the reveal trailer, now’s the time to do so. You can discover all the latest info on BioMutant in our reveal article, including news on a limited collector’s edition.

BioMutant arrives in 2018 for Xbox One, PC, and PS4. Check back for updates and more Gamescom-related news as events unfold. Also, give us your thoughts on the trailer. Has the new gameplay piqued your interest?