Ubisoft Reveals Why They Selected Montana, USA as the Setting for Far Cry 5

Why Was Montana Chosen For Far Cry 5?

Previous games in the Far Cry series have taken place in areas with a lot of wilderness, including Africa, Micronesia and the Himalayas. Now, it would seem that Far Cry 5 is in stark contrast to its predecessors, especially with regards to the game’s setting, however in a recent interview lead writer Drew Holmes explained why Ubisoft decided to base the game out of Montana, USA.

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In a recent interview with GamingBolt, Drew Holmes states that Dan Hay, the director of Far Cry, has discussed bringing the series to the United States since they made Far Cry 3. “The first place that everyone decided to check out was Montana. I think that there’s a great sense of frontier, great sense of wilderness, of danger, wildlife, there’s mountains, there’s big sky. There’s lots of places that feel unknown even though it is in the backyard.” So maybe it’s not quite so different from where the previous titles have been set after all, with the amount of wilderness being cited here.

Holmes continued saying, “So I think as soon as the team went there, they started to meet the people there, and get a sense of, ‘Montanans are a very self-reliant type of person. They don’t like to be pushed around.’ There’s a history of standoffish-ness and leave-me-alone with the state that I think worked really, really well with Far Cry. The list of places that Far Cry wanted to go after that just fell off the table. We said, ‘this is the spot, this is where we want to go. Now let’s think of an interesting villain that could populate that space’.” And have they ever, sparking ridiculous petitions and a bunch of controversy over who Ubisoft decided to choose as the villain: a white, American cult.


This balance between civilization and wilderness that Ubisoft has tried to strike by choosing Montana as the setting for Far Cry 5 is definitely interesting. We’ll just have to wait and see how different this game feels from the others in the series! Far Cry 5 launches next February, for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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