Bungie Defends Destiny 2 Against The Criticism Surrounding the Lack of New Content

Bungie Defends Destiny 2 Saying There Are a Lot of Differences From the Original

We just recently found out that the preload date for Destiny 2 on the PlayStation 4 will be just a few days ahead of the official release date on September 6th, and that dedicated fans of the franchise who have played certain missions will receive emblems on Destiny 2! Of course during this same time there have been complaints that Destiny 2 does not seem very different from the original game. In a recent interview Bungie has addressed this criticism.

Major Destiny Antagonist Destiny 2

Following the teaser and full reveal at E3 2017 there have been criticisms that Destiny 2 seems to be lacking new additions, both in terms of the planets and character races. In a recent interview with Metro, David Allen, the executive producer of Destiny 2 defended the game, saying there is a lot of stuff that people have not yet seen. In the interview he was asked if he could have expected the fans to be disappointed about the lack of new races and planets in the game and he had this to say, “I think hopefully, as you get the chance to play against the Red Legion, you’ll see there’s a substantial difference there in terms of their units. And obviously you’ve got some returning races that we haven’t talked about in detail yet.”

If you’ve played the first game, or if you’ve watched any of the trailers for Destiny 2, you know that there is a lot of great lore available within the game, which seems like it may be enough to carry the game and its narrative, even if there aren’t as many new locations and races as fans would like. Of course, we should also wait and see what Bungie shows off, as we now know there is a lot that remains to be seen as of yet.

Do you think players may have jumped to conclusions too fast or do you agree that there isn’t enough new content available for Destiny 2? Let us know in the comments below and keep it locked for updates!