Reggie Fils-Aimé Discusses Indies’ Visibility for Switch at E3 2017 & Animal Crossing Mobile Game

All About the Right Audience

Here’s a bit more from that E3 2017 Reggie Fils-Aimé interview with Waypoint’s Patrick Klepek, as Nintendo of America’s main dude with the ever-ready body offered up some insight into the Nindie game visibility for Nintendo Switch at E3 2017 and a slight update on that upcoming Animal Crossing mobile game.

Reggie Fils-Aimé
First up, Reggie was pressed about the fact that there was a strong list of indie games coming to Switch, but they had no presence in Nintendo Spotlight (the company’s video version of an E3 presser this year). To this, Reggie responded that he felt the company has had a strong track record of showcasing the Nindies at other events such as PAX. For him, it was about the setting and the right audience as he felt PAX is more geared towards indie games and it would make more sense for Nintendo to emphasize on their indie line-up there.

This “audience” aspect that Reggie brought up was also related to the absence of the Nintendo mobile games at E3 this year:

“When it comes to mobile, we are just not sure if E3 is the place for us to be talking about mobile. As we think about our priorities, we see Switch as number one priority, followed very closely by the Nintendo 3DS. We’re just not sure if E3 is the place, versus, whether it’s a South by Southwest, or other opportunities to talk about that content.”

Reggie even reassured fans that the development for the upcoming Animal Crossing mobile title was continuing well. He says the “application” will launch this year with more information on that release in due time. For Nintendo, he believes the mobile title will help to broaden the visibility of the Animal Crossing brand, which in turn, can only mean good things for the dedicated video game business of their “dedicated video game business of Animal Crossing.”

With Gamescom and PAX West coming up soon, it’ll be interesting to see how Nintendo continue to showcase their Switch games for the system’s first year.