Marvel Heroes Will Stop Selling Fantastic Four Stuff on July 1st

Doctor Doom Stays On

In some rather sad news for Marvel Heroes community, the developers Gazillion announced on their forums that a lot of Fantastic Four content will be no longer be purchasable after July 1, 2017.  Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing, Human Torch, and Silver Surfer falls victim under this unfortunate licensing issue. Almost ironically, the team’s arch nemesis, Doctor Doom, remains unscathed as a playable villain after this update. While the affected Marvel Heroes characters will no longer be purchasable soon, players who’ve unlocked those characters prior to the date will still be able to use them after July 1st.

Marvel Heroes

I feel bad for the developers here as this was really out of their jurisdiction with the messy Marvel licensing agreement which seems to have influenced the lack of mutants in Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite. The devs state:

“Under Gazillion’s renewed licensing agreement we do not have the rights to continue selling these characters moving forward. However, players who have already purchased or unlocked any of these affected characters and costumes before July 1 will be able to them continue playing them as usual.”

Here’s a full list of the costumes from the forum post that will no longer be available for sale after July 1:

  • Spider-Man Future Foundation
  • Spider-Man Future Foundation Black
  • Spider-Man Bag Man
  • Ghost Rider – What if?
  • Doctor Doom Future Foundation
  • Mr. Fantastic Future Foundation
  • Invisible Woman Future Foundation
  • Invisible Woman Future Foundation Black
  • Invisible Woman All New Marvel NOW!
  • Thing Future Foundation
  • Mr. Fantastic All New Marvel NOW!
  • Mr. Fantastic Future Foundation Black
  • Invisible Woman’s Ultimate FF
  • Thing All New Marvel NOW!
  • Thing Black Future Foundation
  • Thing Black Jersey
  • Thing Fantastic Pants
  • Thing Fear Itself
  • Thing Incognito
  • Thing Modern
  • Human Torch 2099
  • Human Torch Classic Blue
  • Human Torch Light Brigade
  • Human Torch Modern
  • Human Torch Original
  • Human Torch Red
  • Human Torch Uncanny Inhumans
  • Silver Surfer Classic
  • Silver Surfer Exiles
  • Silver Surfer Keeper
  • Silver Surfer Silver Savage

Despite the sad news, Gazillion will still support the affected characters with upcoming Omega items, ongoing tuning, bug fixing, and equal consideration for future patches. Excelsior!