Head Back to Vietnam in Tripwire’s Rising Storm 2

Tripwire’s Rising Storm 2: Vietnam open fires May 30th

Tripwire Interactive, the studio behind the Killing Floor and Red Orchestra series, announced the official release date for their upcoming sequel: Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. To celebrate the release, Tripwire Interactive and the developer, Antimatter Games, will be hosting open beta for the game starting today and running until 4:00pm ET on Monday, May 22nd. Tripwire Interactive has also posted a series of tutorial videos for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam to let players get a look at what they are in for, as seen below:

The developers are doing their utmost to sweeten the deal with the launch of the game as well: it will be sold at a 10% discount on the day of launch, with the Standard edition selling for $24.99 USD and the Digital Deluxe edition for $29.99 before discount. As an added bonus for those who own Killing Floor 2 and pre-order or buy Rising Storm 2: Vietnam’s Digital Deluxe edition: four bonus themed Rising Storm 2 weapon skins for use in the PC version of Killing Floor 2. The featured skins include an RPG-7 rocket launcher, M16 and M203 grenade launcher attachment, the M1911 automatic pistol, and the Lever Action Rifle. Should you qualify for these bonus skins, they will not actually be available until an as of yet unannounced date for Killing Floor 2’s update.

Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam will see players revisit the combat they know and love from Tripwire Interactive’s previous titles and drops it in the thick of the Vietnam jungle. The game features up to 64 player combat between the US and North Vietnamese forces, with era-authentic weaponry and specific military tactics unique to either side of the war.

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is due out Tuesday, May 30th on Steam. For more information, check out the official website.

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