Mortal Kombat Easter Eggs Found In Injustice 2

No Toasty Guy Unfortunately

With Mortal Kombat’s cryomancer Sub-Zero joining the ranks of Injustice 2, it’s no wonder that there are Mortal Kombat easter eggs being found in the superhero fight fest. Of course, it helps that NetherRealm Studios also developed both the Injustice games and recent Mortal Kombat games as well. So far players have found two cool nods in Injustice 2 to the iconic gory fighting series.

Injustice 2

First off, the easier one to find will be at the Gotham City stage. Just throw your opponent into the large theater sign in the background that features the two movie titles, Final Wish 2 and Hidden Crimes. Eventually, the letters will fall away to reveal the iconic Mortal Kombat phrase, “Finish Him”. The phrase, of course, is shown on screen at the end of a fight in any Mortal Kombat where you can try to execute a Fatality (and the other “alities”) or if you’re like me, it’s time to intiate the crouching groin punch. No audio or sound cue is heard once the words are revealed, but it’s still a pretty sly easter egg.

The second Injustice 2 tribute to Mortal Kombat is a little more hidden as it requires a bit more set-up. You’ll need Joker and Black Adam to engage in a Clash which can only happen when one of the fighters is on their second life bar. Anyways, once you hit the Clash for these two fighters, you’ll be treated to this entertaining dialogue exchange with Joker asking, “Meet that other lightning guy?” Black Adam replies, “With the bamboo hat? Yes.” It’s a pretty safe bet that he’s talking about Mortal Kombat‘s thunder god, Raiden who wears the iconic headgear whenever he flies into battle. Besides that, Black Adam makes sense, if only, because he also uses electricity to mess foes up too.

Of the two easter eggs above, the Raiden one may be more substantial as there’s a picture of upcoming DLC characters with a very Raiden-looking silhouette. It’ll be cool to see what Raiden and Black Adam have to say to each other if it happens.