Next Overwatch Hero ‘Very Far Along in Development’

Jeff Kaplan Assures Us 25th Overwatch Hero is Coming

In a recent interview with IBTimes, Jeff Kaplan assured fans everywhere that the next Overwatch hero is ‘very far along in development.’

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Kaplan said he not only knows who the next hero will be, but that the team is already at the ‘aggressive play-testing’ phase for the character. He also mentioned that the character in question also had their abilities set and ready. Taken as a whole, these remarks suggest number 25 is pretty close to the debut stage. On the other hand, Orisa was released to the world a very short time ago.

Fans have been as patient as they can be, however Blizzard’s weird history with hero reveals has some on edge. Sombra was a long time in the oven, for example. Perhaps too long. Although Orisa was unveiled with a lot less pomp and circumstance (read: no wacky ARG), there’s nothing saying Blizzard has that entirely out of their system. But who even knows? We’re in early days yet, it’ll be a while before this all enters top-tier Blizzard teasing territory. Meanwhile there’s 24 rock-solid heroes to play with and perfect, not to mention whatever new development Blizzard is hinting at for April 11th. Also, it’s definitely Doomfist, right? Who else would it be? It could be another out-of-left-field pick like Orisa, but c’mon. It’s totally Doomfist.