A StarCraft Remaster Means the Original Will Soon Be Free to Download

Blizzard Knows How to Please Fans, so They Come Back with a Fan-Favorite

Blizzard is in the process of reintroducing gamers to their legendary RTS, the game that shaped a generation of gaming. StarCraft and StarCraft Brood War will soon be available for free download. This comes seemingly as an off-hand promotion for their upcoming remaster of the same game.

StarCraft Remastered will deliver the classic space opera in 4K. Moreover, Blizzard intends to release the game with full Battle.net support, which will no doubt reinvigorate the online player base. Add that to the enrapturing experience of StarCraft’s original storyline, then we get a true recapture of glory. Only gameplay shall remain unchanged, the one facet that is truly timeless. All we need now is a remastered Warcraft 3 and all our dreams will have been fulfilled.

But, in case you missed it, the original–unchanged–version of StarCraft and its expansion are coming free. Players will gain access to the download as Brood War’s Patch 1.18 arrives later this week. Not to say it will be free-to-play, but players will officially own their own copies. Further optimizing the player experience, Blizzard stated that owners of the free copy will share Battle.net access with the owners of the remastered game. That’s right: no losing data, no missing out on playing with friends, and upgrade any time without losing progress.


StarCraft Remastered is expected to arrive during the Summer. Anyone interested in downloading the original game for free should keep an eye on the product page here. Obtain your copy when Patch 1.18 goes live later this week. And prepare yourself.

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