Nintendo Switch Sales Could Surpass The Wii According To Gamestop

Switch Seems To Be Doing Great, But Can It Be The Best Nintendo Has?

It seems that the Nintendo Switch is making waves, especially when compared to other Nintendo products. In Australia and New Zealand alone, the console supposedly sold more than any other Nintendo hardware on record for the two countries. Apparently GameStop has recently chatted about how the console is doing in their stores, and the skies seem sunny for Nintendo Switch Sales.

Nintendo Switch Red Blue Joycon

In an interview with Game Rant, GameStop’s senior director of merchandising, Eric Bright, commented that the Switch’s potential is high. According to him, the Nintendo Switch sales even has the potential to top Nintendo’s past high seller, the Wii.

“The Nintendo Switch is off to a start right now that it could possibly eclipse the Wii. Initial sales on this have been phenomenal. I can’t give straight numbers, but I can say we’re seeing one of the highest attach rates of software and accessories to a device that we’ve seen in a long time.”

Now, the Wii has sold around 100 million units worldwide to date. But that could pose a challenge for the Switch. Not only is the availability for the console limited, the console is currently sold out at GameStops and new units will be arriving some time next week, but certain factors like the price may be off-putting.

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According to a poll carried out in the UK by Harris Interactive, just 32% of those who had heard of the console said that they were interested in buying it in the next three months. But a huge 62% said that it was ‘unlikely’ that they would buy it. And 6% said that they were not interested in buying the console at all. This is in addition to competition from other consoles.

So it seems that the Nintendo Switch has its work cut out for it. But it is still early in the game, so we will see how things progress.