This New GTA 5 Drone Mod Lets You Race the Skies in Glorious First-Person View

You Know Those Commercial Drones In-Game? Well, Thanks to This GTA 5 Drone Mod, You Can Race Your Drone in Glorious First-Person View.

With the popularity of Grand Theft Auto V‘s Drones, someone was bound to find a way to mod them and use the drones for more than what’s available at their in-game disposal. Well, that time has come. This GTA 5 drone mod will let you race your fellow drone-mates and, instead of viewing it from the ground, you pilot the drone directly from the glory of the sky.

Grand Theft Auto GTA 5 Drone Mod

LeFix is a known GTA 5 modder and unabashedly shows off his drone racing mod – FPV Drone Racing.

While LeFix seems to have no problem with through the skies with ease, he was met with some critical backlash from other players who commented that performing in the drone and controlling its movements were actually quite difficult. Although, it should be taken into consideration that the drone is not meant to be piloted with a mouse and keyboard. If you’re trying to do that, there’s no way that you’d be able to pilot the thing. LeFix even notifies users in the mod’s description that they should use a game controller instead of the traditional mouse/keyboard combo.

On the other side of the spectrum, GTA 5 drone users are fairly happy with the mod, so players might just have to adapt to a certain level of skill before jumping and taking flight as smoothly as LeFix.

Once you get the hang of it, the mod not only opens up a new gameplay challenge in GTA 5 but also allows for a player to explore the world from a drone’s-eye view.

Are you a GTA 5 drone-racing fanatic, or have you gotten to explore the sky in your tiny, agile vehicle? Let us know what you think about the mod in the comments below!