PSVR’s Unearthing Mars Promises Enrapturing Space at GDC 2017

Is VR Just Getting Better with Each New Title? You Can See for Yourself with Unearthing Mars

Some might stay we’re still stuck in the visual rut when it comes to VR gaming. At the very least, many will agree that the platform hasn’t hit its full potential. But we could be in for something special with Unearthing Mars. The visceral cosmo visual of Unearthing Mars is arriving to GDC, 2017. It has yet to hit western markets, and developer Winking Entertainment is happy to let prospective players and space enthusiasts explore their space-faring title.


Unearthing Mars is a PlayStation®VR adventure title that delivers the full experience of being a planetary explorer. Players are introduced to the Martian environment within the first several chapters and must overcome a variety of gameplay challenges to discover the mysteries of the Red Planet.

Learn as you explore Mars and space. Experience wholly new environments to your heart’s content. Go about this in landing craft and land rovers, manually guiding sophisticated equipment. And throughout your journey, solve puzzles and behold stunning visuals. But when you are not out strolling in the mode of an explorer/scientist, you will engaging in pulse-pounding fps against alien factions.


As of right now, Unearthing Mars is available for download in the Asian market for $15. If you’re in town for GDC in San Francisco, you can visit from March 1-3, Booth #2415 at the Moscone Center. Along with Unearthing Mars, Winking Entertainment will be showcasing other titles currently in development, meaning there’s plenty to see.

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SOURCE: Press Release