Another Overwatch Tease for the New Character – Thanks Blizzard

Things Haven’t Gotten So Real at an In-Game Airport since Modern Warfare 2

Supplementing this week’s earlier Overwatch tease, Blizzard is back at it. You remember the Numbani girl, Efi Oladele: super genius eleven-year old. As someone who excels in advanced robotics and AI, everyone now suspects a non-organic hero directly associated with her. And now we have an extra tease image tweeted by Blizzard earlier.

Overwatch Tease

We examined the image for many details. But this is a downright tease with a few hints besides suggestions. There’s an ominous shadow on the upper-right that appears as the silhouette of cocoons, according to GameSpot. But they could just be overhead light bulbs. In the lore’s interview with Efi Oladele, the young prodigy does say that she will be on her first plane flight. Now the Numbani airport has been attacked.

Despite Doomfist speculation, and the relentless hype by Terry Crews, game director Jeff Kaplan came out and said the next character “is not who you think it is.” Well, then who the hell is it? Fans have already gone on record to state they have no problem murdering an eleven-year old girl in OverwatchHowever, here inclusion seems unlikely. Seeing as she earned a hefty grant for her research, the next character is likely a direct connection to her exploits. That is assuming Efi Oladele isn’t kidnapped by Reaper, Sombra, and Widowmaker to be used for the reattachment of Doomfist’s fist to another character. Fans have even suggested an AI character wielding the fist, perhaps an Omnic.

Overwatch Screen

But let’s not overload the Overwatch speculation. We await more news as Blizzard reveals it. You can come back for all the latest as it comes, and we’ll keep you updated. There are plenty of characters to play in the game right now, but every extra is special until it’s unbalanced. Happy gaming.