Next PS4 Update Will Let You Play Your Games on Multiple PS4’s Using Your External Hard Drive

Your External Hard Drive is Not Limited to One PS4 Console

In case you haven’t heard, this month the PS4 is getting a massive update. The PlayStation 4’s big 4.50 system update includes slick things like custom wallpapers, a “Boost Mode” that will make older games run smoother on the PS4 Pro, and the update also comes with the much anticipated support for external hard drives. Several days ago we told you the external HDD feature is locked to a single hard drive at once. Sure that may be a little disappointing but the feature is going to be more versatile than you might think.

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According to folks who have been experiencing the beta version of the upcoming update, you’ll be able to take your external hard drive and plug it into any PS4 that is linked to your PlayStation account.

The idea here being you could start a game of say Horizon: Zero Dawn, save it, then take your external hard drive to your friends and continue playing there. The only real restriction is you can’t transfer your game from your external HDD to the internal drive of any of the additional PS4s you play on. This doesn’t come as surprising at all.

Yes, what this means is the days of taking your game and a memory card over to a friend’s house are back again. This is a pretty cool addition and great to see in a age where hardware can so so god damn restrictive. After all, Sony didn’t allow external hard drives at all for over three years.

The PS4 4.50 system update is expected to arrive sometime this month. Keep it locked on COGconnected as more news becomes available.