Discover Enigmas and Sci-Fi Adventure with Today’s Subject 13 Release

The 90s Are Never Done So Long as We Get These Kinds of Games

It all started as a Kickstarter campaign. Now we’re among the first to witness a new point and click mystery inspired by nostalgic 90s explorers. Franklin Fargo is a creation of prolific French game creator Paul Cuisset(“Flashback ” and “Future Wars”), a man with a mysterious past who must unravel the machinations behind his new name, Subject 13, out now. And with the Subject 13 release on PSN comes a new launch trailer. Behold down below:

Back to the glory days of point and click adventures, back for the gamers of that generation who can reengage just like before. Feel the infusion of past sci-fi as now exemplified by Subject 13. Puzzle lovers can enjoy, mystery players can find their niche, and the sci-fi fans can get their kicks. And as of right now, PlayStation 4 gamers can exercise their minds by entering this new sci-fi narrative. $6.99 enters you into the strange new world as beheld by Franklin Fargo, physics professor and husband to a murdered wife.

Subject 13 represents a publication by Microids. While the game is out now for PS4, we can expect to see Xbox, ios, and Android versions in the near future. Drop a comment down below and tell us what you think. But if you’re looking for more info, visit Happy Holidays.


SOURCE: Press Release