Civilization VI Includes Polish Matriarch and New Viking Scenario

And a New Civilization VI Trailer Detailing the Latest Faction

If you love Civilization then you’ll probably love every new Civilization VI add-on. That being said, the famous turn-based strategy game has just introduced Poland into the world stage, along with its famous leader Monarch Jadwiga. Plenty of history behind her: the 1384 Queen was canonized in 1997 for her role as mediator and arch to her people. But check out the video below for Firaxis’s take on leader and faction in Civilization VI:

And starting today, you can get the Poland Civilization and Scenario Pack.  As you have probably guessed, you get a playable Poland from this DLC and the new scenario, “Jadwiga’s Legacy”, assuming you own Civilization VI. This premium DLC has been released in tandem with the new Vikings Scenario Pack. As the leader of the largest viking union, your campaign revolves around bringing the whole of Europe under your rule. What is apparently the most extensive DLC released for the game. On top of new lands to conquer, three Natural Wonders are made available in the base game.

New Civilization VI Screen 03

Either DLC can be purchased individually. Or, if you are just too darn excited for anything Sid Meier, you can get both of them in Sid Meier’s Civilization VI – Digital Deluxe Edition. Both come with the latest 2016 Update’ for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI,  which adds a new Earth Map, Scenario Menu, various game updates, balance changes and fixes. For more updates and awesomeness, check back with COGconnected. Happy holidays.

SOURCE: Press Release