New Saints Row Game Possibly Leaked Thanks to Voice Actors Strike

New Saints Row? Maybe

When it comes to Saints Row, we here at COGconnected are big fans. It has been almost 2 years since we reviewed a Saints Row game, so needless to say information on a new Saints game is long overdue. The last game was a reimagined Saints Row version of Hell built from the ground up. Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, as it was called, was impressive and oozed personality. Today, we received word that a new Saints Row game may be in the works.

Saints Row

Recently Neogaf user flaxknuckles posted a thread containing somewhat curious information about a potential new Saints Row title, listed in a PDF listing a title called “Project Atlas a/k/a Saints Row”. The title is listed 6th from the bottom with little other information provided. Check out the image:

Saints Row

This list all stems from the SAG-AFTRA strike. A few weeks ago, the voice acting union for the video games industry, SAG-AFTRA, organised a strike for voice actors against particular game publishers, over the lack of compensation and recognition they receive towards a game’s success. A lot of prolific voice actors have spoken out about the strike and their aims to have better payment, workload and residual payments if the game sells well. The industry’s current contracts with VA’s, they say, don’t take into account the physical strain and effort needed to do the job, and how much effect this has on the game’s success. As a result, all sorts of unannounced projects have been leaked and a new Saints Row game is the latest one.

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