Netflix Is Now Available Offline!

Netflix Shows Are Now Available to Stream Offline

Netflix has announced that starting today you can watch shows and movies offline! This might sound like a bad joke or something, but we kid you not, Netflix is available offline. All you have to do is download the movies or shows and save them for future offline enjoyment. Cell phone data plans rejoice!

Stranger Things


The best part is that this new feature does not cost anything…and yes, you read that right…it’s free! So now you’re wondering what the catch is, right? Unfortunately this feature does have its limitations, 4 to be exact. We’ve outlined them for you below.

  • It does not work on your laptop, only iOS or Android phones and tablets through the Netflix app.
  • Not every show is accessible to download. Netflix originals like Narcos, Orange Is the New Black and Stranger Things are available offline, however other shows may not be.
  • There are location restrictions. For example, if you download a show that’s available on US Netflix, but not on the Canadian Netflix, (or vice versa) and travel to the opposite country, you may be unable to view the content.
  • Your download may not be permanent. Titles allow for different periods of time that you can keep the download for. Some only give you 48 hours, or less than a week, while others may give you a week to finish watching. Before you download the show, the app will show you the limitations of each of the shows, that way you will always know when your show will expire.

At the end of the day, regardless of the limitations, this is a huge step in the right direction and whether you’re at home in your pajamas, or travelling to work, this allows for some long, uninterrupted bouts of binge watching.