Nintendo Switch Pre-Order Price Set at $1215 US Dollars

Nintendo Switch Pre-Order Price Set at $1215 US Dollars

UK retailer, GAME has set the bar for the Nintendo Switch pre-orders with an eye-watering price that would send all but the most dedicated of fans packing. On their website, GAME has set the price at an astronomical £999.99, which is roughly the equivalent of $1215 US dollars. Now before you choke on your own tongue let’s clarify one thing; this is merely a placeholder price.


If you were to be brave enough to pre-order the Nintendo Switch you VERY likely (as in nearly impossibly) wouldn’t end up spending that kind of cash. What you are doing is authorizing GAME to withdraw up to that amount on your credit card. Would you really want to give any retailer that kind of power? You can see below the full reason for this crazy pre-order price.

Nintendo Switch pre-order price

It is unlikely of course, but by locking in at that price what if GAME decided to charge more than other retailers? Technically you’ve given them permission! The safe bet is to wait until Jan 12 when more details and pricing of the Nintendo Switch are announced.