Xbox One S Selling for Astronomical $850 on eBay as Stock Goes Dry

Xbox One S Selling for Astronomical $850 on eBay as Stock Goes Dry

Question; will the Xbox One S prove popular and sell well, or will consumers just wait until Project Scorpio?

Answer; Oh, it’s gonna sell just fine. So fine, that if you want one it’ll cost you nearly $850.

Microsoft Great Moments Xbox One S

It looks as if the release of the Xbox One S has been a rousing success for Microsoft. Many wondered if this generation’s second-place-in-sales console would sink or swim with its new super sexy, sleek and slim new version. Well, apparently it’s swimming. Over in the UK it has seen great success with local retailers like GAME and Amazon running out of stock. In turn, many units are showing up on eBay’s UK site at prices as high as £650, nearly double the shelf price. In USD that is only a few cents shy of $850. That’s a lot of scratch!

According to Digital Spy, the supply and demand are certainly way out of whack with even Microsoft running short of the console. Want to find an Xbox One S on Microsoft’s website right now? You’ll be redirected to the October release of the Gears of War Limited Edition bundle.

Limited Edition Gears of War 4 Xbox One S Bundle

On this side of the pond, there is still stock in places but early reports are that the new console is doing quite well here, too. As we move forward into 2017 it will certainly be interesting to see how the beefed up consoles and the new Nintendo NX fare as they all fight for consumer dollars. For now, you know Phil Spencer and co. are revelling in the early success of the Xbox One S.