Battlefield 1 PS4 Beta Won’t Require PS Plus; Xbox Owners Need Gold Membership

Battlefield 1 Beta For PS4 Doesn’t Need PS Plus Membership

Earlier this month, DICE announced the Battlefield 1 Open Beta will begin August 31st on Xbox One, PC via Origin and PlayStation 4. If you are excited to get in the Beta but concerned that you don’t have a PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership, we have some news for you.

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For PlayStation 4 owners, DICE has confirmed that the Battlefield 1 beta won’t require PlayStation 4 players to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber. This was confirmed by the official Battlefield Twitter account when answering a fan’s question. See tweet below:

For Xbox owners you will need your Xbox Live Gold membership to play the Xbox One multiplayer Beta. See tweet here:

This is kind of a bummer for Xbox fans but a nice little perk for PS 4 owners in the Beta. This being said you do need to be a PS+ member and an Xbox Live Gold member to play online multiplayer when Battlefield 1 releases this October.

If you’re still not a PS+ member, we suggest doing so now, since PS+ subscriptions are going up in price very soon.