Google Searches for Adult VR Content Up 9,900% Since 2014

VR Porn is growing fast and set to explode, according to new Google search data

With the advent of Virtual Reality, the possibilities for immersive experiences and interactivity have led many to an obvious question: how soon will it be before people start looking for VR Porn? Well, Google just gave us the answer: VR Porn is already big (not that size matters, of course).

VR porn

According to Google, searches for “VR porn” have increased 100-fold since November 2014 through April 2016. This figure comes from their Google Trends data (via That means interest in Virtual Reality porn has gone up 9,900% in just 17 months. Who knew sex would be so popular?

As reported in VentureBeat, analysts at research firm SuperData predict that virtual reality will be a $40 billion business (that’s with a ‘B’) by 2020; this latest figure from Google sure seems to back that prediction up.

Those who have followed the evolution of media technology should not be surprised in the least; after all, the rise of the VHS format in the 1980s is widely acknowledged to have been powered by the ability it brought for home porn viewing. The Internet itself is often said to be made up in large part of porn-related traffic. VR Porn is really just the latest – and quite predictable – chapter in the long story of technological progression.

VR Porn

The Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung’s Gear VR and Google Cardboard all already have a lot of adult content, although it is mostly of the “demo” variety. One porn content producer, Naughty America, has gone all-in on VR and already has subscription plans and tons of VR Porn content ready to be viewed, right now. They even boldly displayed their wares at this year’s E3.

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR, which will likely be a big seller due to the huge PS4 install-base, will likely work with some of that content, but Sony’s desire to keep their device family-friendly will probably bring limitations on adult content.

Only time will tell whether VR Porn takes off – but if Google’s latest data are any indication, there is already a massive consumer demand. Stay tuned here for lots of updates as we hear more.