LawBreakers Alpha Sign-Ups Go Live

The LawBreakers Alpha is Go!

Cliff Bleszinski and Boss Key Studios are ready to open up their new title, LawBreakers, for players to get their hands on. After a round of first impression previews, the studio now wants the public’s feedback and the LawBreakers Alpha is ready to go. The game is exclusive to PC and only available through Steam.

Those who want the chance to jump in can head to the official LawBreakers website as the announcement of the LawBreakers Alpha comes alongside a new trailer voiced by Ice-T. In our impressions we said, “classes are fun to play with, and the game has a lot of minutiae that really elevates the active play experience and makes you feel great as you see yourself get better. Maps with more of a focus on the gravity side of things is what’s needed, but the future looks bright for the new studio and their first endeavour.”

LawBreakers First Impressions HERO Pic

Those attending PAX this weekend can play the game at booth #5116 and also receive exclusive swag and “a chance to commemorate their best kill with a custom-made video clip shared digitally on social media.” Additionally, the alpha tests will be coming in a series instead of a single block, as well as new characters being available in the alpha.

Be sure to check out our interview with Gears of War lead designer Cliff Bleszinski and Guerilla Games co-founder Arjen Brussee, as we get into their thoughts on going solo again and debuting a brand new IP.