The Hottest Amazon PS4, Xbox One and PC Game Deals This Weekend


It is the middle of March, gamers, and you know what that means – Spring Break is almost upon us. For some of us, it means time off, relaxation, travel. But we gamers are a special breed; we made a commitment to our craft, and that involves a little something called “work ethic.” That’s why, while others are out in the sun, or on the beach, we will be inside, sacrificing our time to get that high score, to finish that game. Because that is the life we have chosen.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t like to save money. Cheap games are that little something special that makes our sacrifice worth it. So here we are again with the Hottest Amazon Gaming Deals this weekend. Click on the links, as always. And stay strong – remember, this world needs heroes.



amazon gaming deals

PlayStation 4 Deals (pg. 1)

Xbox One Deals (pg. 2)

Windows PC Deals (pg. 3)


PlayStation 4 Deals:


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