New Phoenix-Based Game Development Studio, Industry Games, Announced

The gaming industry keeps on growing, as Industry Games, a game development studio focused on games for core gamers, has been announced. The studio has apparently been quietly developing and adding key talent while in what they call “stealth mode” since late 2013, and is now nearing the announcement of its first title. The company says that one of the cornerstones of their mission is to “empower the community to take the games created by the studio and make them their own through mod tools, editors and feedback to the dev team.”

“Our goal is to establish Industry Games as a leading AAA studio and publisher of games for core gamers,” says Warren Weems, founder and CEO of Industry Games. “Our first game has been in development for 18 months and we’ll be taking the wraps off of that in the next couple of months. In the meantime, we continue to look for talented developers that want to be a part of a growing team of passionate, experienced game developers.”

“We’ve got big plans for where we want to take the company as well as the games we’re creating,” says John Kenison, company COO. “We’re hardcore gamers and it’s natural for us to focus on the types of games we want to play, especially as large parts of the industry have gone towards casual games.”

industry games logoIndustry Games currently already employs more than 20 developers and is looking to grow the team over the coming year. The studio says they have a plan to bring multiple games to market over the next few years and has the resources to deliver AAA quality titles without needing a publishing partner. Impressive. Industry Games is building their titles on Epic’s Unreal Engine, they say, so it can deliver the visual quality and gameplay that core gamers want.

Based in Gilbert, Arizona, Industry Games consists of veterans from Valve Software, Certain Affinity, 7 Studios, Turbine, and Blizzard Entertainment. Check out their website here for more info about this new dev studio.

SOURCE: Company Press Release