Is Capcom Ready to Start on Dead Rising 4? Capcom Vancouver Hiring for Over 25 Positions

It’s good to have friends. Less than 24hrs ago Martin McQueen, a project manager at Capcom Vancouver, let all his friends know that his studio was ready to hire. Upon further inspection we discovered that the studio is looking to fill a huge number of positions, 27 of them to be exact. Now Capcom Vancouver has been known for essentially two things; Dead Rising and The Bigs. Something tells us they aren’t looking to rejuvenate The Bigs any time soon. On another tangent it could be an entirely new IP but with the success of the Dead Rising franchise, it’s unlikely Capcom will be giving up on it for sometime to come.

Dead Rising 3 did quite well as an Xbox One/PC exclusive but previous games in the franchise were multi-platform so we can only hope that if Dead Rising 4 is in development that it would also be hitting Sony’s PS4 console too. What do you think? Is this the humble beginnings of the fourth game in the Dead Rising franchise?