Minecraft is King of Games on YouTube

YouTube celebrated its 10th Anniversary with “Let’s Play Day,” announcing the top 10 games, based on videos watched over the past 10 years.  The clear winner: Minecraft.

What makes Minecraft’s dominance even more impressive is that it is a relative newcomer amongst top games, having been around much less time than some other competitors on the list, like GTA or Call of Duty.  In 2014, Minecraft was searched and viewed more than even some music titans like Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

Check out the entire top 10 list below:

1 – Minecraft

2 – Grand Theft Auto (series)

3 – League of Legends

4 – Call of Duty (series)

5 – FIFA (series)

6 – Garry’s Mod

7 – The Sims (series)

8 – Five Nights at Freddy’s (series)

9 – Puzzles & Dragon

10 – Dota 2