Microtransactions Aside, Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Single Player Campaign Looks Brilliant

Hands-On Impressions of Star Wars Battlefront 2 Campaign Mode

One of the most hotly requested omissions from the previous Battlefront game was an actual story mode, something to ground the game and build off of. EA’s Motive Studios delivered just that with Battlefront 2’s upcoming Campaign mode which will bridge the gap between episodes 6 and 7, explain the rise of the First Order, and deliver a phenomenal new chapter in the Star Wars Saga. To learn more about what the Campaign has in store for you, check out our hands-on impression below.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the latest entry to the Star Wars Saga of games. With revamped and gorgeous graphics, Battlefront has been worked on by three separate studios within EA to create one epic game. Multiplayer has been revamped with new class-based characters and custom load outs where EA has taken a “less is more” approach to game modes.

Instead of having a dozen modes across a few planets, Battlefront 2 features about six modes across dozens of planets, each one creating a new experience and small tale to tell. The game also features an Arcade mode which will let you play single player or couch co-op, unlock Star Cards, and test out your load outs before jumping into the fray.

Of course one of the biggest draws is the all new Campaign mode featuring Inferno Squads Iden Versio. Players can expect a story mode of roughly 5-7 hours depending on gameplay style, and – for those who think that might be too short – keep in mind the Campaign is meant to bridge the gap between episodes 6 and 7, and at even a five hour minimum, that’s two movies worth of content crammed in there.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 launches November 17th and will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For more information, check out the games official website.