NHL 18 Review – Hitting the Ice with Innovation and Excellence

NHL 18 Video Review

EA has done its best each year (ok, not each year but SOME years) to make its latest iteration of the NHL series a fresh experience. Whether it’s tweaking controls, putting in new graphics and camera angles, or entirely new game modes to try and shake things up, EA changes the formula each year to try and avoid going stale as some sports series often do. While there are a few potential changesĀ that were overlooked, and some changes fans found to be questionable over the years, EA has come back strong this year with NHL 18, creating an authentic experience with options for both new and veteran players. For more on NHL 18 and an in-depth look at what we thought about it, check out our video review below.

NHL 18 is the 27th game in the series and adds a host of new features, most notable the all-new 3-on-3 game mode. In it, players use reduced teams on a small rink in a smaller stadium where the shots are more powerful and the hits are bigger. Its frantic, close quarters action with a classic arcade feel and some extravagant celebrating with each goal scored. Players are able to make their own teams, including customizing their team logo, jersey, and even the mascot. Created players are able to wear the mascot gear when on the ice for some comedic flare, and interestingly, the Vegas Golden Knights will be playable in the game. This comes as a surprise considering the new team is debuting in the NHL this year after the game’s release. Teams from HockeyAllsvenskan, EBEL, and the Champions Hockey League will also be playable for the first time ever.

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NHL 18 launched September 15 and isĀ available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more information, check out the official website.