Halo Wars 2 Video Review – Superb Story and Brilliant Pacing

Halo Wars 2 Video Review

A couple of days ago we shared with you three Halo Wars 2 videos where we show you some raw gameplay from the first three missions in the single player campaign. Yesterday we published our full Halo Wars 2 written review where our man Ahmed said: “Halo Wars 2 delivers a superb story that ends with a million possibilities on what could happen in future games. It’s contained and focused nature allows new players to jump in and experience some good old Covenant versus human battles that defined the original Halo trilogy. Its return to the classic art style is an encouraging move to set the franchises look apart from other sci-fi games and the evolution of its gameplay and multiplayer modes is sure to keep many strategizing far into the future. The game’s pacing might be the best I’ve witnessed this generation besides a set of missions early on that doesn’t move fast enough. Halo Wars 2 delivers on nearly all aspects and could spell a very bright future for the RTS spinoff in the years to come.”

Halo Wars 2 Hero Pic

Launching exclusively on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on Feb. 21 (early access for “Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition” owners today) and developed in partnership with 343 Industries and legendary RTS maker Creative Assembly, Halo Wars 2 is without question an action-packed RTS on the biggest Halo battlefield ever. It’s an amazing experience.

For those not interested in reading, we have the video review for you right here:

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