Prey (2017) Looks Glorious & Intense in First 60 Minutes Gameplay Video

First 60 Minutes of Prey (2017)

Last week COGconnected was invited to a Prey hands-on event in Los Angeles. We were given an exclusive demo of the game on a high-end PC and told we would be playing, essentially, the first hour of the game. Today, we have for you our first hour with the game and lets just say we were impressed.

Prey Screen

This morning our impressions of the demo went live. Needless to say, Mario was thrilled and said such things as:

“Graphic design in the game is serene and polished, without an interruption of immersion. Granted, I didn’t know the specs of the PC, but my framerate never faltered.”

“The alien introduction in this game is as it should be, a startling surprise. I immediately felt that fear and excitement one would hope from a good sci-fi horror.”

“Aliens in Prey are terrifying, partly because of how quickly they can annihilate you but also because of the surprise factor.”

Without further delay, check out the first 60-minutes of our experience with Prey:

Prey will release worldwide on Friday, May 5, 2017 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.